Writing A Master’s Thesis Introduction

The introduction of any paper is very important because it serves as your first point of contact with your readers. You can write a very brilliant introduction but if the standard requirements are not followed, it will not yield the desired positive effects that it is programmed to achieve in the first instance. When you want to put down your introduction; the standard rules of your department should be followed.

There are no strict rules or guidelines that you are expected to follow in writing the introduction to your thesis. It follows in most cases, the nature of the paper that you are writing. Before you begin writing the introduction to your thesis; every student needs to follow the rules as demanded by the department.

If the goals of achieving the higher grades that will boost your thesis and improve on your CGPA are to be achieved; then you have to be technical in your approach. We shall be taking a look at some of the questions that must be answered to achieve creditworthy results that will elevate your work to the top.

Is introduction the name of chapter 1 of your paper?

It all depends. You can choose to name the first chapter of your thesis in the introduction. In other words; you can elect to choose something more imaginative to use as the name of the first chapter of your paper. However, make sure you are not choosing a name that is very informal if you want to go creative in naming the first chapter.

Can the introduction be a separate chapter?

Yes, you can decide to devote a separate chapter to the introduction. This chapter will be singularly devoted to giving a general overview of the overall thesis. If you are devoting a whole chapter to the introduction; then all the questions that mattered which needed answers should be addressed in the introduction. Here, nothing should be left uncovered if the ambition of creating an impression that mattered is to be achieved.

The other chapters that relate to the literature review; background of the study and several others like it can then follow in an ordered format.

Can the introduction contain subsections?

Yes. If you plan to put down an introduction that will contain subsections; then you must prepare for a large chapter that will accommodate several subsections that will add up to complete a unit that will do justice to getting the attention and interest of your readers to your work. The likes of background to the thesis will be included here. This will be a brief intro to what is expected in the body of the paper. The literature review will also form part of the extended chapter that we are talking about here.

The statement of the problem that you are about to address can be included in the introduction if what you are looking at is a large chapter that you want to refer to as your introduction.

Clear all doubts

The introduction is where you can get it all lose it forever. It is strongly advised here that you clear every doubt with your supervisor before you write the first word of your introduction. This is very important if you wanted to make a structured impression that will help you in achieving the results that you will be proud of.

Final thoughts

You can use any style in the introduction of your thesis. It is important to carry out your findings before you begin your work on the thesis. The structure must be standard and the one that is acceptable by your department.

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