Academic Paper Writing: Thesis Versus Dissertation

There are some differences between writing a thesis and a dissertation. Dissertations are very long works of research that can total some four hundred pages while master’s theses usually only cover around one hundred pages.

Both a thesis and a dissertation are alike in a lot of ways. The only thing that differentiates the two is length. For example, both are large research project. So you will have a long works cited, for example.

Believe it or not, the thesis pages for a dissertation sometimes total very high, in the thirties or forties (of pages) sometimes. The masters thesis might only have ten pages of scholars they draw in and that is because you have less length.

Formatting Rules Vary From School to School

Another thing that both share in common is that you will have to consult the Graduate School, before you can format the pages properly. See, every dissertation and thesis happens to be formatted according to certain.

Always call the graduate school and ask them where they have their master’s thesis and dissertation guidelines posted on the university website, or ask if perhaps you could stop by and get a copy.

Over the next few months, these will become virtually your bible. Some students prefer to format later, and write long and fast when they write. While some people like to make sure it is formatted correctly as they move to another section.

Formatting the Thesis an Dissertation

There is an advantage to using APA format, and you can do this with MLA as well. For both the thesis and dissertation, take advantage of headers. Headers allow you to break any long writing project into small, doable sections—this way, you do not have to try so hard to come up with those difficult to write transitions between some paragraphs—which is one of the hardest challenges in writing any kind of paper.

Since students almost always have major trouble with transitions, I advise them to take advantage of this header system, which allows you to write short, mini-papers, much like the article you are reading now by me.

Revision is Crucial with Long Scholastic Projects

If you are not really excited about your topic, you are more likely to make lots of mistakes. Make sure to revise very carefully to find mistakes.

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