9 Steps on How to Defend Your Dissertation

Defending the dissertation might be an issue in several ways for students. If you want to carry out a dissertation defense in a way that will come out smooth; then you must follow some tricks which we are going to share shortly below.

The strategy that you care about reading is for the defense of a dissertation in the humanities. You can adapt slightly to fit into the department of your choice. Here we go!

  1. It should be put in context 

Think of the defense as a meeting between you an author and the publisher of the book that you have written. You are expected by the publisher to explain some things relating to your choices and give an explanation on such. You will be asked a wide range of questions concerning how you came about the structure and make-up of the book.

  1. The boundaries

Know the boundary of your work very well. You are going to be asked questions but the boundary of the questions that you are going to be asked is not beyond the context of your work. Though you might be asked questions on how the work fits into the context of practical reality in the world; 90% of what you are going to be asked will be based on your dissertation details.

  1. Set your terms

When you opt for the open presentation, it will give you the privilege of setting the tone for the discussion. This will provide you the opportunity of going into the knotty gritty of your project before you answer the questions that will be thrown at you by your supervisors. You can have your say in where the defense of your dissertation will happen.

  1. Audience

You can work on your audience. When you study the works of your examiners, you are going to have an idea of the type of questions that they are likely to pose to you during your defense. Where you notice their style conflicting with yours truly, you can work out the differences before the day of the project defense.

  1. Fill in the blank

This might appear difficult but it is pretty easy. Make research into the likely questions that you are likely to be asked on that day and prepare answers to such questions ahead of the day of defense. When you do this, it works like magic and will prepare you for what you are going to encounter on your day of defense.

  1. Know when to stop

When it is about 48 hours to the D day; it is advised that you give your brain a little respite. Let the brain rest a little before the day of defense. It is a smart way to come out fresh on the day of defense proper.

  1. Your gear

You must appear in a decent outfit before the defense panel. Three things should be considered when you want to choose your wear: You are expected to be comfortable in the outfit. You must feel awesome in it and it must make you appear like the student you are.

  1. The right mindset

You have to come to the defense with self-belief. When you believe you can do it; it will be easy for you to achieve the loftiest height that is possible. Make a rehearsal of what to expect on that day with some of your colleagues. Make sure you know the venue of the defense ahead of the D-day. Get there ahead of your examiners on the day of defense and have a feel of the environment before their arrival. 

  1. Have fun

Having put in all the measures above, you should look forward to having fun and not stress on D-day. Psyche yourself up that you can and all other things will fall in line. Do not be given any form of intimidation because you have prepared yourself and you are above all forms of intimidation.

Final thoughts

What you needed to achieve the results that mattered in your dissertation defense has been given above and you are good to go if you apply all the tricks that we have so far discussed above. You are going to pass through the process with relative ease.

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