Computer Lab

ICT Resource Centre

*  Number of Computer systems          :  10

* Availability of Internet facility            :  Yes

* Accessibility of Internet facility to students : Yes

* Number of CD ROMs                         :  many at the disposal of students

  Number of Resources added during the current session name of Resource

                     ​​​​​​i.  Lap tops

LCD. projector-6,16 m.m Projectror,Slide projector-3,OHP Episcope,Television-2 (Color) VCR,DVD Player,Video CD player,Radio/Stereo Recorder-3,Movie camera-VHS (Digital Process)-2,  Still camera-2, Amplifier-5, Microphones-4, Computer lab and computer-20  with Printer-Internet facilities are available in the computer lab and computerized language lab.  Students are given intensive coaching to handle the above Audio-Visual equipments.  Interent free for all students through NME project.